Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2004

A person loses car keys and meets “The Wisher” — someone who just wishes all day.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(dropped car keys leads to a strange meeting)

ELY: But I mean … what do you do? Just sitting here under a bridge … you gotta admit, that’s not normal. Why are you here?

WISHER: I lost my keys.

ELY: What?

WISHER: Kidding. You really want to know?

ELY: Yeh. I really want to know.

WISHER: You’ll laugh. They always do.

ELY: I won’t laugh. Just tell me what you’re doing here. You’re giving me the creeps.

WISHER: I wish.

ELY: You what?

WISHER: I wish. I sit under this bridge and I wish.

(oh, there are others)

WISHER: See that guy under that bridge down there? That’s Melvin.

ELY: Melvin’s a wisher, too?

WISHER: No. Melvin hopes. Melvin’s probably the best hoper I ever met. That’s the second stage, you know … hoping.

ELY: Wow.

WISHER: And look far off down the stream … see that little wooden bridge? The really old one? That’s Fred. Fred is the most advanced of all of us.

ELY: (a long pause …Ely’s into this now) Well? What’s Fred doing?

WISHER: I don’t know. I can’t see that far.

ELY: He’s ... like you? What’s he do for a living?

WISHER: Oh. Fred expects. That’s the ultimate stage. Expecting.

(time to go)

ELY: Could I maybe … come back some day and see you?

WISHER: If I’m still here. I wish I knew. Okay, I do. Yes. Yes, I’ll be here. Unless I wish for something else. Drop in anytime you like.

ELY: I don’t really know how to end this conversation.

WISHER: I wish you did.

ELY: (smiles) See you later?

WISHER: Maybe.

ELY: (a pause, then) I wish you well.

WISHER: I couldn’t have said it better. (Eli exits.)


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