Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2004

A boy and his faithful dog run away from home. Well — they almost get to Arizona.


6 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(boy and dog are running away from home)

I think we made it. Don’t hear any sirens or nothin’. Man, this is great, Bob. You’re about the best friend a guy ever had. I could never have run away from home if you didn’t go with me. Oo-oh! Here’s comes a car! Just look casual, Bob. Like we’re talking walk or somethin’. (watches the car go by.) They didn’t suspect a thing.

            It ain’t my fault, Bob. It’s Mom and Dad. All day the same old thing … pick up your clothes, pull your pants up, clean your room. It’s like a livin’ in a dungeon! (sees something) Another car! (He stands there smiling, happily petting Bob.) Smile Bob. Don’t let ‘em know we’re runnin’ away from home. You smilin’? (looks at Bob) Good dog.

(on the bus …)

            (A lady across the aisle speaks to him.) Yeh. Yeh, is it a nice morning, M’am. Us? Oh, we’re goin’ to Arizona … Him? Oh, he’s my cousin Bob. No, he don’t say much. He’s from Paris. He don’t know our language yet. I gotta translate for him. Yeh, they wear their hair a lot longer in Paris. He’s a movie star, too. Yeh, a Paris movie star. What movies? Well, I don’t think you’ve seen ‘em ‘cause they were in Italian. Paris is where? Uh … this was the Italian part of Paris I guess. Bob knows lots of languages.

(they end up back at home)

            (aside, to Bob) I’ll bet they don’t have to do this in Arizona? (to Mom) I was just talkin’ to Bob. (to Bob) She said you look like a movie star with those shades, Bob. (walks into his room) Man, this room is a mess. Bob, get off my social studies book. (picking up the book and brushing it off) You’ve got dog hairs all over … (opens the book) … Hey. Wow. This is cool. Bob, you ever been to Japan?


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