Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2006

A baby sitter tries to juggle 4 kids and a hamster.


6 - 8 minutes

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  • 1 Male
  • 1 Female

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An excerpt …

(the job didn’t go well from the beginning)

(Yells for Jimmy who is in another part of the house) Jimmy! James Parker Finster, Jr.! Get your pajama bottoms up here this instant! You may not sleep with the hamster! No, your Mommy did not give you permission to sleep with any rodents … except your brother. (to Teddy, a younger brother in the room) Oh, Teddy, stop crying. I was just kidding. Your brother thinks he can pull a fast one on his babysitter but he doesn’t know me.

(maybe a story will help)

            Okay, here’s one my Mommy always used to read to me. “Once upon a time there were three little pigs, and …” It not a boring story. I did not have a boring Mommy. (sees something) Jimmy, there’s something moving under the covers. Jimmy, catch that hamster right now! What? Then if you won’t, I will! (slams her hands down hard on the bed) Oh, Teddy, I’m sorry. That was your foot? It looked like a hamster

(2 girls join the 2 boys … and the hamster)

Kids! Kids! Stop that! Hannah, hold still and I’ll … (and she grabs the hamster) … Oh … (makes a yucky sound) … oooo … Oh, this is disgusting. I … somebody take him. No, Jimmy. You can’t take him. Hannah, take the hamster downstairs and … You won’t touch a hamster? Teddy? You either? How about … what was your name? Stephanie. Stephanie, just take this little rat … Yes, he is a rat, Jimmy! (begins to move away from the bed) Where’s the toilet! Oh, stop that, Jimmy! I’m not going to drown him! I just want to lock him up. (reaches for a door with her free hand) Here you go, Hammy … you just go right in here and ... (she quickly tosses him in and shuts the door). There! Victory at last!


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