Oratory - Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2014

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with problems that appear to have no solutions. Find one way to deal with them in this unusual offering that is part narrative, part oratory and part storytelling with a point that will speak to all audiences.


5 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

It was a good boat. In fact he’d sailed it his entire life and until today it had never caused him a minute’s problem. Every morning he’d catch the outgoing tide, spend his day doing his sailor-ly duty; then in the evening the tides would again come in, bringing him safely home. Until today.

He couldn’t remember what he’d done differently or maybe it wasn’t his fault. The weather had been curious lately and perhaps that had affected the tides. Heck, he was getting older. Maybe he’d simply not watched his timepiece closely. But as he looked toward shore he saw all the other boats tying up for the night but he was still far off shore. Something was terribly wrong.

He waved at his friends now heading up to the village for their supper but no one thought to look back to the sea. They’d had quite enough of the water for one day and besides, it was time for all boats to be ashore so he sat there alone. Floating. Going nowhere.


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