Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1995

They came from outer space! Two aliens do not meet some 'typical' earthlings.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(The scene is a clearing, somewhere in a large park in the middle of an American city.  A shining silver object has just landed in a clump of dandelions.  The vehicle contains two alien creatures.)

Lork: (walking stiffly out of the enclosure and looking around the area) It looks safe, Rada.  Come on out.

Rada: (her back still turned) Are you sure?

Lork: Seems to be a large, grassy area.  Perhaps we’ll find them here.

Rada: (the less brave of the two, walking carefully into the area with the same stiff walk)

Lork: It resembles a park of some sort.  Perfect.

Rada: I do not like this, Lork.  It seems dangerous.  What if the inhabitants of this planet are not friendly?  What if  they try to harm us?

Lork: The reports from our planet say that Earth is a peace-loving planet, Rada.  Strange, and sometimes confused, but generally gentle beings.

(They put special earphones on earthlings and assume the personality of the people they meet.)

Lork: Can you hear me?

Rada: Hear?  Cool!  Like, what an awesome set of headphones ... I was just sayin’ to my old man the other day, “Like if I just had a set of headphones for like walkin’ the park, Dad!” And he was like, “Well, you don’t need ‘em,” and I was like, “But I gotta have ‘em, Dad,” and he was like “Well, we’ll see,” and I was like, “Whadaya mean, ‘We’ll see?... and he was like ... (suddenly notices Lork’s strange appearance) ... Like ... Wow!  Awesome outfit!  You goin’ to a concert?

Lork: I am from ... uh ... California.

(Every now and then a con man ...

Lork: But I didn’t want to buy...

Rada: What’s a ten dollar donation for such a beautiful flower?  And besides, you have taken it, it is yours, it has become a part of you, it speaks your name!  Listen to it!  It shouts your very being to a sick and dying world!  Can you hear it? (Rada leans close to the Imaginary flower Lork is holding) Yes!  Your flower speaks! (imitating the flower) “I am part of you!  You and I have become one!  And you can live in my eternal beauty for just a ten dollar donation to the Lama Dama!”

Lork: But why does the Lama Dama need money?

Rada: Ah!  A question of wisdom!  You are truly blessed!  That Lama Dama Doo needs your small donation to finish the payments on his duplex in the Caribbean! 

Lork: Duplex?

Rada: The great Lama Dama Duplex!  The seat of all wisdom!  Now ... for the ten dollars?


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