Group - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2016

Alas, Diana has taken a job at this strange amusement park and her first customers are less than family-friendly. However, she is able to get to the bottom of one child’s bratty behavior.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


9 - 12 minutes

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  • 2 Females, 2 Males
  • 4 Females
  • 3 Females, 1 Male

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amusement park

An excerpt …

Characters (4): Diana, Wonderful World instructor; Jodi, a new employee; Richard, Georgie’s father; Georgie, a less-than-wonderful young brat. The parts of Richard and Georgie may be played by actors of either gender with a little switching of names and pronouns.

DIANA: Good morning and welcome to Wonderful World! Wonderful World! Wonderful World! The most wonderful world in the world! My name is Diana, the lovely and charming Diana, and I’ll be your host as we walk the wonderful streets, see the wonderful sights, smell the wonderful smells and eat the wonderful food of Wonderful World! Wonderful World! (to Jodi) See how it’s done? Easy.

JODI: When do I start?

DIANA: You start in just a few minutes.

JODI: Now? I start now?

DIANA: This is our peak season, kid. We don’t have any break-in period. (pointing off) Look at that. The crowds are already lining up.

JODI: But I just got here yesterday!

DIANA: You want the job or not?

JODI: Yes! Yes, I want the job! Okay … okay … what was that again?

DIANA: You greet them right here at the Wonderful Gate of Wonderful World.

JODI: It looks like a fence.

DIANA: Bite your tongue! This is Wonderful World! There are no such things as just fences or birds or sidewalks! Everything is wonderful! (holds up her foot) See that? That’s a Wonderful Shoe!

JODI: Wow. Looks like a Reebok.

DIANA: You’re fired.

JODI: Sorry. It’s a Wonderful Shoe.

DIANA: That’s better.

JODI: But this costume?

DIANA: You’re the Wonderful Princess! You make dreams come true! You can’t do that in cutoffs and a tank top. You look wonderful.

JODI: Sequins. I’ve got so many sequins I’m a lightning rod. Can I run for cover if it storms?

DIANA: Just say your speech. It’s time to open.

JODI: (taking a fairy-like stance, then) Hello! I’m the lovely and wonderful Jodi, your guide to wonderful Wonderful World where everything is wonderful! My shoes are wonderful! My sequins are wonderful! The grass and the cracks in the sidewalks and spiders and garbage cans …

DIANA: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t get carried away, Princess Jodi. Just stick to the script.


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