Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2004

What if Adam and Eve had cell phones, computers and other electronics?

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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An excerpt …

 (the cell phone call said to name the animals.)

ADAM: (shushing Eve, then) All of ‘em? You mean every one? Yeh … yeh, boss, I’ll get right on it. Yep. You have a nice day too. (clicks off the phone) You won’t believe this one.

EVE: He’s coming for a visit?

ADAM: Later. But today he wants me to name all the animals.

EVE: All of them? In a day?

ADAM: He can make the day as long as he wants, Eve. (reaching for something) It’ll be a snap. I’ve got ‘em all listed here on my laptop. (puts the laptop on his lap) Whoa! That is cold!

EVE: The Boss should have created pants before the laptop.

ADAM: I think I filed ‘em under “Things that creep and crawl and make funny noises.”

EVE: Sounds like you in your sleep.

ADAM: Here they are. Wow. That’s some list.

EVE: You named them already?

ADAM: No. But I’ve got their digital pictures.

EVE: You know, Adam, I think the thrill is gone.

(somehow she doesn’t like all the gadgets.)

EVE: You’re still a little boy, Adam. Little boys like to touch things and keep their hands busy and when they grow up they just get bigger toys.

ADAM: Eve! How can you say that? This is Creation! This is the Garden of Eden! This is important! (phone rings) Hello. Garden of Eden. Uh … Yeh, I’m … no, I haven’t got any named yet. Wait! The hippo! I named that big fat thing the hippo! (listening, then) Well, Eve and I have been arguing a little about the technology You … sorry … that I wanted. I know you told me it would just be trouble but I can make this work, Boss. Trust me. Yeh. Have a nice day.

EVE: He still doesn’t like it, does He?

(where did all this electronic stuff come from?)

EVE: Hey, just for my curiosity, where’d you get the idea?  I mean face it … you may be cute but the Boss gave me the brains. Where’d you come up with the idea for all your little high-tech toys?

ADAM: Oh I don’t know. I was just thinking one day.

EVE: You? Thinking? That’s a part of Creation I must have missed. Come on, Adam. Spill it. Who told you?

ADAM: (a pause, then) Well, I don’t really know his name ... I mean he didn’t even have a name yet.

EVE:  The warthog?

ADAM: What’s that?

EVE: (pointing) That thing right there.

ADAM: (seeing it) Ooo. Ug-ly!

EVE: What’d he look like? Gimme a hint. How many legs did he have?

ADAM: Well, he didn’t actually have any legs. He just sort of slithered.

EVE: The Boss hasn’t invented Tele-marketers yet. It must have been the snake.


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