Comedy - Duet, by Ken Bradbury, 2018

When Superheroes gather, anything can happen. But what about those that are not quite so Super. These two performers won't hesitate to bring a laugh as they show us what a superhero can be.

Price includes 2 scripts.


10 - 13 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

At open, Heath sits at his desk shuffling papers. Smith enters and approaches Heath’s desk and after some moments of not being noticed, clears his throat.

HEATH: Oh. Sorry. I didn’t see you come in. Are you here to register?

SMITH: Yes. Uh … register.

HEATH: Sorry, but it’s been quite a morning. This is the biggest crowd we’ve ever had for our Superhero convention. (phone rings) Just a moment. I need to take this. (into the phone) Yes? You can park it anywhere. No, really. They what? Look, the Batmobile takes up three parking spaces, I know that, but he’s a star, okay? No, don’t charge him triple for parking. (off the phone) I’m really sorry. This dealing with superheroes for a solid week … I mean, this is tricky. Now, what were you … (the phone rings again) Sorry. (into the phone) Hello. He’s what? No, no, let him go. Let him do it. I know that most of the guests are entering the front door, but if Spiderman insists on climbing up the side of the building then just deal with it, okay? (off the phone) I apologize. This place is a madhouse. Okay, now which of the Superhero events will you be attending?

SMITH: Is this the …

HEATH: The International Convention of Superheroes, yes. Now which one did you come to see?

SMITH: Uh … well. None, really. I am a superhero.

HEATH: (a long stare, then) You? A superhero? I mean, I’m sorry, but you know, you don’t exactly … you know …

SMITH: I don’t exactly look like a superhero.

HEATH: Yeah. Please don’t take offense.

SMITH: No. That’s okay. I get that a lot.

HEATH: So uh … I mean … just exactly who are you?

SMITH: I’m … Hesitate Man.

HEATH: You’re what?

SMITH: Hesitate Man.

HEATH: That’s what I thought you said. Hesitate …

SMITH: … Man. Hesitate Man.

HEATH: And your superpower is … ?

SMITH: I … uh … you know … I hesitate.

HEATH: You hesitate.

SMITH: I hesitate.


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