Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2008

Two people talk on a plane trip to Australia. It has a stunning ending.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(It began as a casual chat.)

NEVIN: My mom … she still worries about me. “You go up that much, some day you’re gonna come down.” I say, “Mom, I gotta come down. That’s how planes work.”

PARK: (smiling) Yeah.

NEVIN: She’s getting older. Lives alone. Nothing to do but worry.

PARK: Too bad.

NEVIN: Oh, she’s okay. I kid with her.

PARK: How long’s she been divorced?

NEVIN: Oh, about … How’d you know she’d divorced?

PARK: Uh … guessed. Is she?

NEVIN: Yeah. Yeah. Divorced. Almost twelve years now.

(Another strange happening.)

NEVIN: (grabs his leg) Oh man … that leg.

PARK: Still got the cramp?

NEVIN: Yeah, I … How’d you know my legs cramp?

PARK: You just grabbed it.

NEVIN: But how’d you know it was a cramp?

PARK: Uh … a guess? Is it?

NEVIN: Yeah … it’s ... uh ... it’s a cramp. Can’t stand up, though. Seatbelt light’s still on.  I hope they bring us something to drink. I’m parched. I think I’ve got an Australian beach in my throat. (laughs)

PARK: You like Australia?

NEVIN: Yeah … not like I saw much of it. Nice place. Great hotel.

PARK: Yeah, the Starwood’s nice.

NEVIN: (a long pause) Wait a minute. Wait just a dog-gonned minute. How’d you know I stayed at the Starwood?

PARK: Uh …

(see. It’s the International Dateline)

NEVIN: (a pause, then) Hold on a minute! (pulls Park up to sitting) How can you meet me tomorrow when tomorrow hasn’t happened yet?

PARK: I told you. It’s the International dateline. It was Monday for me going that way, but it was still Sunday for you coming this way. I met you tomorrow.

NEVIN: Then I haven’t met you yet.

PARK: Don't worry. You will tomorrow. (goes back to his sleeping position)

NEVIN: (a long pause, then) No way! (again pulls park up to a sitting position) That’s not possible!

(The scheme to make a fortune has a slight problem.)

NEVIN: Tell me! Tell me! What news could you possibly give me that could ruin our plans to become rich?

PARK: You sure you want to hear it?

NEVIN: Am I sure? I’m begging you, man! I’m demanding!

PARK: Okay! Just settle down! Settle down! (Nevin sits) Your plane … the plane back to L.A.?

NEVIN: Yeah?

PARK: It didn’t make it. Went down somewhere near New Guinea.


PARK: Sorry about that.


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