Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2014

A mountain climber goes where no one has gone before and finds ... company. The world’s wisest man who is dying for a Twix bar. For those who like comedy bordering on the absurd.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 11 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
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An excerpt …

A scene for two characters: Hillary, a mountain climber and Dali, a person on the mountain. Both are referred to as “he” but may be played by actors of either gender.

HILLARY: (crawling into the scene, struggling, panting, clawing his way up the mountain) Ahh … oh … ugh … (stopping, breathing heavily) Almost to the top. (more crawling, panting and huffing) All my life … all my life I’ve wanted to climb this mountain … and now … almost … almost there! The first man to ever climb it! Just a few more …

DALI: (calmly walking into the scene) Good morning.

HILLARY: Wh-what? Who are … I mean, what are you …?

DALI: Nice morning.

HILLARY: I must be seeing things.

DALI: I hope so. It’s a beautiful view from up here.

HILLARY: Are … are you real?

DALI: (touching himself here and there) Let’s see. Arm, shoulder, leg, head. Yes, I seem to be very much real. How about you?

HILLARY: What about me?

DALI: Are you real?

HILLARY: That’s a ridiculous question.

DALI: But you just asked me.

HILLARY: I mean … I’ve been climbing this mountain for six days! No man in the world has ever climbed it!

DALI: Yes, I’ve noticed the crowds have been rather small.

HILLARY: But how did you?

DALI: I live here.

HILLARY: But I thought I was the first!


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