Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2015

What a nightmare! Imagine what would happen if your duet partner didn't show up on the day of the speech contest. Learn how this participant copes.

Price includes 2 scripts.


7 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females
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An excerpt …

PALMER: (entering) That’s it! Hold everything! Stop it! The speech contest has been cancelled! (to the audience) You folks can go home now. (to the judge) You can pick up your check in the office! Go ahead! Go home! Go home!

RAGAN: (running in) What’re you doing?

PALMER: I’m cancelling the speech contest.

RAGAN: You’re doing what?

PALMER: Cancelling the whole thing. It’s over … done with. Bing-bang, ya-da, ya-da, we’re out of here!

RAGAN: (to the audience) Uh … excuse us a moment. (pulling Palmer aside) Are you crazy? You can’t do this!

PALMER: Oh, I’m pretty sure I can. I’m pretty sure I just did. (to the audience) What are you waiting for? The show’s over.

RAGAN: (to the audience) He’s/She’s kidding. Would you stop that? This school is filled with kids today. You can’t send everybody home. What’s the matter?

PALMER: My partner.

RAGAN: What about your partner?

PALMER: He’s not here. Bubba’s a no-show.

RAGAN: Oh, no.

PALMER: Oh, yes. I knew this was gonna happen. He cancels every rehearsal and last night he still didn’t have his lines down.

RAGAN: Maybe he’s sick.

PALMER: He’s not sick. He’s a jerk. He did this to me last year. He came to contest and stumbled around and we got last place.

RAGAN: So why’d you pick him as a partner again?

PALMER: Because we always practice at his house and his mom makes really good pizza.

RAGAN: You’re kidding.

PALMER: And he’s got the biggest TV set in the world.


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