Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1995

Look around! How many situations do you see that really need a law. Here are some humorous ones you probably neverconsidered.


6 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(If I’m elected …)

Political promises have been the butt of jokes ever since we demanded that King George of England give us the vote, but it seems to me that the recent political seasons are getting worse.  Everybody’s promising new bills, laws and statutes and I’m reminded that Will Rogers said, “The trouble with Congress is that every time it tells a joke it becomes a law, and every time it passes a law it becomes a joke.”

(There oughta be some new laws …)

I propose HOUSE BILL 583: This makes it a misdemeanor to wear certain garments out on the porch of a morning’ to fetch your paper.  I don’t know about your neighborhood, but once the paperboy flings the morning rag onto the stoop, we get a fashion show that ought to be illegal.  Mirna Floyd has a housecoat that was given to her back when her shape was considerable different, and she hasn’t bothered to alter-the size of the thing since she’s reached her current queenly proportions.  When you add to this the fact that Mirna’s got to bend over to get the paper, you’ve got a potential crime of neighborhood proportions.  Then there’s Alvin Johnstone, who puts on whatever is handy to come out and fetch the news.  His taste in clothes isn’t very good when he tries hard, but his random outfits are breaking the laws of good taste.

(There are a lot of new laws needed.)

A very important law is THE NAPKIN ACT: Any employee of a fast-food restaurant caught stuffing over 42 napkins in your sack shall be arrested for “waste and gross stupidity.” If they manage to turn the fries upside-down it’s another two years onto their sentence.


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