Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

There is a special burden when your mother is a teacher in the school you attend.


5 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(We all have our burdens.)

Do you know what it’s like to have your own mother assign two hours of homework to your class then have them all turn around                 and stare at you like somehow it’s all your fault? “Look guys, I was just born her son. I take no responsibility for anything else!” Geesh. It’s like you walk around all day with a big T-K tattooed to your forehead. “Teacher’s Kid!”

(How do you get around this problem?)

In fourth grade I decided to change my name. All the way to school I was thinking up new names but everything I thought of was already taken. I was beginning to panic. I walked into class that morning thinking, “I gotta think of a new name! I gotta think of a new name!” The teacher called role and asked each of us our names and I was starting to sweat. I had to think of something quick! So I looked around the room for any sort of name, spied I nutrition poster on the blackboard and blurted out, “My name is Prairie Farms, Ma’am!”

(A lot of very good excuses can’t be used.)

You guys can come up with a bunch of lame excuses like “The teacher didn’t explain it very well, Mom!” or “We had a substitute today and he was a real whacko.” Or “The teacher just gave the assignment then went home sick.” Just try those lines when your mother is the teacher. “I told you how to do this in class! I’m very disappointed in you, John Daniel.”


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