Comedy, by Robert L. Crowe, 2006

An employee gives his boss a ride in his car.

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10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(the boss wanted a ride)

JOHNSON: (thinking aloud. Kirkland can’t hear this) When my boss, Mr. Kirkland, asked me for a ride from work I thought I’d get a chance to make a few brownie points but he hasn’t said a word. What makes him so special that he became head-honcho. You know, I read a book once. About a butler with a wealthy family that went on a cruise on a private boat. The boat crashed on an island and the butler became the leader of his employer and family. When the situation changed, so did the leadership. I’ll bet that under different circumstances … (they both get out of chairs to play the imaginary scene with the best British accents they can muster)

KIRKLAND: (as his aide) But Leftenant Smyth-Johnson, we will never get to the Khyber Pass in time. We are being pursued by the ruthless Punjab Tiger Stickers.

JOHNSON:  We will make it, Corporal. These few brave soldiers are all that remain of the British command. I was sent here to get them out of India and I’m going to do just that.

KIRKLAND:  We have heard of your reputation, Leftenant. You are the bravest leader that the British Empire has to offer. Is it true that you were in the Black Hole of Calcutta?

JOHNSON:  I’m afraid so, Kirkland.

KIRKLAND:  Was it as terrible as they say?

JOHNSON:  I told them that they should paint it a different color. Blokes had no sense of humor. Thought I was a croaker but I escaped by disguising myself as the Rajah of Bombay. Said I was out for a stroll and wandered in accidentally.

KIRKLAND:  Blimey! What a show, sir! A bit of courage to do that one!

(and he is a financial wiz)

KIRKLAND:  It’s much worse. We need your help or the corporation will crumble!

JOHNSON:  Stay cool, man. What is it? Speak-up quickly.

KIRKLAND:  It’s the finances again. It’s the cash flow. We don’t have enough to pay our bills and terrible things will happen like having our cell phones turned off.

JOHNSON:  How much do we need?

KIRKLAND:  20 million by next Friday!

JOHNSON:  OK. Unload the oil debentures at market price. Convert the proceeds to the Yen and use that to buy the Euro. Use those proceeds to purchase African gold options. In the meantime, use the margin account and press it for gold futures. Hold those for 3 days. When the price spikes, sell everything. Use the profits to meet the expenses.

KIRKLAND:  Genius! Absolute genius! I have so much to lean from you! Could I study …

JOHNSON:  Be gone, man! You’re losing money when you stand here admiring my financial acumen

(coming to the end. Boss forgets his name)

KIRKLAND:  Do me a favor.

JOHNSON:  (to himself, aloud) Now’s my chance! (to Kirkland) Sure. Anything.

KIRKLAND:  Let me out at the corner, will you? I’m meeting my wife at the mall.

JOHNSON:  Sure. Here we are. (stops the car)

KIRKLAND:  Thanks for the lift, Jamison. I won’t forget. (slams the door and walks away)

JOHNSON:  (pause) Goodbye … sir.


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