Comedy - Duet, by Ken Bradbury, 2018

Never has the term shipwrecked been so funny. The only two survivors of a sunken cruise ship try to solve the problem of two people on a raft that is only big enough for one. Either gender can tackle these roles because after all, anyone of us could find ourselves on "The Raft."

Price includes 2 scripts.


10 - 13 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

A scene for two castaways of either gender.

(Two castaways lay sprawled out, barely conscious on a raft of sorts … and a small one at that.)

BRETT: (groans … a silence, then another groan)

DAKOTA: (slowly rises to a sitting position on the raft, rubs his eyes, looks around, then …)

BRETT: (groans again)

DAKOTA: Wake up. (nothing) Hey, fella. Wake up. (reaches over to shake Brett)

BRETT: (still lying down, groggily) Bob?


BRETT: I can’t see you, Bob. Where’d you go?

DAKOTA: Hey guy, wake up.

BRETT: (sitting up very suddenly) Where? Where’s my bathrobe?

DAKOTA: Your bathrobe?

BRETT: I can’t go out in public like this. Somebody stole my clothes. And we have an 8 o’clock dinner reservation. (looking at Dakota for the first time) You’re not going like that are you?

DAKOTA: What are you talking about?

BRETT: Bob. Where’s Bob? What did you do with Bob?

DAKOTA: Bob who?

BRETT: Bob, my brother. My brother Bob. Where is he?

DAKOTA: I have no idea. Do you know where we are?

BRETT: On the ship. The Sultan of the Seas … in the Caribbean on a 3-day cruise.

DAKOTA: Well … wrong. The ship went down.

BRETT: What?!!

DAKOTA: It went down. We’re floating in the Caribbean.

BRETT: I can’t.

DAKOTA: You can’t what?

BRETT: I can’t float.

DAKOTA: We’re floating on one of the cabin doors.

BRETT: (standing quickly) Oh, my gosh. This can’t be happening. There were 3,000 people on the ship!

DAKOTA: Now there are just two, buddy. You and me … and our door. Who’s Bob?

BRETT: My brother. He bought me this cruise for my birthday. And now he’s … well … Bob’s always been unlucky. It was always his cat that died, his bike that Dad backed over, his peanut butter sandwich that had the poison.


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