by Ken Bradbury, 2006

This is the story of a girl who searches for the magic key to happiness. With the help of a singing, dancing cast she learns that the key is — education. This selection is mobile and can be played in many settings. Master script is $25. Sound Disk is $10. Per performance royalty is $25.


20 minutes

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  • 20 Characters

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An excerpt …

(looking for the secret to having the good life)

RACHEL: I want to have fun!

DEREK: And …

RACHEL: To go on big adventures!

ALL: Adventures!

DEREK: And …

RACHEL: To be … well … Happy!

ALL: Happy!

RACHEL: I just want to be great and famous and pretty and smart and talented and popular and cool and sweet and maybe just a little bit rich. I hope I’m not asking for too much.

DEREK: (as the other cast members arrange her “bed” out of the blocks) So, one night before __________ went to bed, she said:

RACHEL: I wish, I wish, I had the key to be everything I want to be!

DEREK: And then she fell asleep.

RACHEL: But I’m not even tired!

DEREK: Wanna bet? (He touches Rachel’s head and she immediately falls asleep on her bed.) I just love theatre. And as she slept …

ALL: As she slept!

DEREK: The Wish Fairy came flying in her window!

(she tried of number of different sports)

GRACIE: You didn’t know how to fight a Dragon.

RACHEL: (storming over to Lauren) I thought this was supposed to make me happy!

LAUREN: I said I had the key to happiness. But you went off and forgot it. Now if you’ll just take this…

RACHEL: (suddenly struck by a new thought) I know! Pirates!

BRIAN: Say what?

LAUREN: Girl, can you hear a thing I’m …?

RACHEL: Yeh! Pirates! I wanna be a ferocious pirate!

(we knew all along that the answer was “education”)

RACHEL: (takes the key in her hand, turns it over and reads) Edu---Education. Huh?

HOPE: Smarts.

JEANNE: Knowledge, __________.

LAUREN: You want big things? You can have ‘em. But you gotta learn. You gotta learn how to learn. You wanna fly?


LAUREN: Stretch your wings and just soar over life! You wanna grow up and have some choices?

RACHEL: Yeh! I want lots of choices when I grow up!

LAUREN: Then give yourself the wings, girl! No education … no wings … no choices. You gotta sit there on the ground and take whatever life gives you. But you study hard and get some smarts, and honey, it’s just like you got wings.


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