Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2016

What a nightmare for poor Lenny who is about to open his brand new restaurant on the night the Times’ food critic shows up, his chef calls in sick, and his only waitress is stuck in traffic. What’s a manager to do? Play the role of every employee of the restaurant, of course. The scene has multiple roles, but only two actors.

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9 - 12 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

A duet for two actors with one performer pretending to play several different characters. The parts are designated as Lenny (male) and Mrs. Blue (female); however, they may be played by either gender with a little switching of names and pronouns.

LENNY: (pacing) I am so nervous … my first real restaurant and it’s opening night and … (gets a call on his imaginary phone) Lenny’s Hideaway. Who? Luigi? You’re what? Luigi, you can’t call in sick! You’re my head chef! What? No! You can’t! I don’t care if you’re infectious! Wear a mask! Don’t breathe! Luigi! Luigi, don’t you dare hang up on me! Luigi! (but the signal goes dead) This is crazy! You can’t open a restaurant without your chef! (looks off) Oh, no … oh no, it can’t be! Delisha Blue! The food critic from the Times! Food critics don’t show up on opening night!

MRS. BLUE: (entering) A table for one.

LENNY: (stunned) One what?

MRS. BLUE: One diner. This is Lenny’s Hideaway, is it not?


MRS. BLUE: What?

LENNY: Yes. Yes … yes, it is. Uh … table for one. That would be like one person, right?

MRS. BLUE: One. Yes, “one” means one person. Are you all right?

LENNY: No. Yes. Look, it doesn’t matter. Here. Here’s a table. Please have a seat at this table for one person because I mean like you’re one person and everything.

MRS. BLUE: (looking at him strangely, then sitting) Thank you.

LENNY: Your waitress will be right with you. (He goes to another part of the stage while Mrs. Blue inspects the menu.) Oh great … this is just great. The food critic for the Times and my head chef calls in sick. (his phone buzzes) What? Jenny? What’re you doing calling me? You’re supposed to be here! You what? Jenny, you’re my waitress in the main dining room! You can’t be held up in traffic! Get out of the car and run. Jenny! Jenny, don’t hang up on me! Jenny, if you … (She hangs up.) No chef, no waitress, no way.

MRS. BLUE: (clears her throat loudly)

LENNY: Oh, no. Waitress. Waitress. Where am I going to get another? (sees something) Jenny’s skirt. It’s my only chance. (struggling to put on an imaginary skirt) I wish Jenny wasn’t so skinny.

MRS. BLUE: (clears her throat again, even more menacingly this time)

LENNY: Coming! I’m coming! (straightens himself) A hat. Need a hat. (puts an imaginary hat on his head and wiggles his way to Mrs. Blue’s table, in a faux female voice) Good evening and welcome to Lennie’s Hideaway! I’m … uh … Jennifer and I’ll be your waitress this evening.

MRS. BLUE: (looking at this waitress) Really?

LENNY: Sorry, I just came from yoga … Could I start you with something to drink?

MRS. BLUE: I’d like to see the sommelier.

LENNY: The what?

MRS. BLUE: The wine steward … your expert on wine.

LENNY: Uh … sure. You mean … uh … Pierre.


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