Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2016

A duet about poor Oscar, a kid who just wants to get some sleep and his mother who just wants him to get up and go to school. It’s funny what strange dreams pop into your head as you’re lying in bed in the morning ... and Oscar has them all.

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9 - 11 minutes

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An excerpt …

Characters: Oscar and Mom

MOM: (facing the audience) Oscar! Oscar, are you awake? Oscar! Oscar, the bus is going to be here in twenty minutes! Are you hearing me, Oscar?

OSCAR: (turning to face the audience) It’s like this every morning.

MOM: Oscar, get up!

OSCAR: Every … single … morning.

MOM: Oscar!

OSCAR: That … and then …

MOM: You’ll never amount to anything if you don’t change your ways!

OSCAR: And …

MOM: Am I gonna have to come up there?

OSCAR: “No, Ma. I’ll get up.” Every morning. Every morning the same old thing. Who’d want to get up just to hear someone yelling at them? Why can’t mothers be more pleasant? Once … just once I’d like to start the day with something like …

MOM: (and the two now face each other in real time) Sweetheart? Darling? Oh wonder child of the universe?

OSCAR: (to the audience) I like that one.

MOM: Honey, I know you were sleeping soundly and I know that you need your sleep, but sweetheart, I only want the best for you and I’ve fixed your favorite breakfast and I have your clothing all laid out neatly as soon as you’re ready.

OSCAR: (to the audience) Now what would be wrong with that? Instead, I get …

MOM: You want to lie in bed all day? Then start paying rent, you bum! Now get out of there!

OSCAR: See what I mean? Surely not all mothers have been like this. I mean, the famous people in history? Surely they didn’t have to put up with this.

MOM: George? Oh, Georgie?

OSCAR: Yes, Mama?

MOM: It’s time to rise and shine, sweetheart.

OSCAR: But I’m tired, Mama.

MOM: Oh, I know you’re tired. Poor darling. But what will the other children think when little Georgie Washington doesn’t show up to play this morning? Honey, if you’re going to grow up to be the father of your country then you really should get out of bed. It’s so much easier being President standing up.

OSCAR: Is it cold out this morning, Mama?

MOM: Yes, and you’ve got to make that long trip across the Delaware so you need to get an early start. Now come on down to the kitchen where Mama’s got some hot porridge waiting for you.


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