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Comedy, by Tim Chipman, 2003

Two very different girls attend the first day of junior high.

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6 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Two girls approach the first day of junior high.)

MARCY: (waves as people) Yes, yes … hello! I smile at everyone I knew and even those I didn’t know. Think Marilyn Monroe … stepping out of her limousine. In place of a silk gown, I’m in my new denim shorts, and a tank-top, and my new leather Abercrombie sandals, only $109.95, that carry me on puffs of clouded air.

CARA: I feel like I jumped out of a plane. There’s this sinking feeling as my feet hit the ground. Immediately I proceed. Head-down. Avoiding the cracks. Counting the steps. 1-2-3-4...

MARCY: No, wait, maybe my boots were $109.99...

CARA: (she continues to count steps) 11-12-13...

MARCY: Yeah, like these sandals were much cheaper. Only 90 bucks. Hey, look at that boy.

CARA: 17-18-19-20...

(the girls crash into one another. Cara, flabbergasted, falls to the ground.)

MARCY: Oh, hi there! Are you new here this year or are you an upper classman … 8th grader?

CARA: No, I …

MARCY: Well, I’m not either … an 8th grader, that is. Although a lot of people say that I look mature for my age. When I was in 4thgrade many… many … people thought that I was in 5th grade. Were you ever in 4th grade? Oh … of course, you must have been.

(They meet again in the cafeteria.)

(Once again, the girls collide. Marcy drops her tray. Cara falls to the ground.)

MARCY: (scrambling to pick up her food) Oh ... (illusively trying to capture …) My jello!

CARA: I think the floor is my only friend. We have a lot in common. Both walked on.

MARCY: (walking off) Better hurry. The lunch period is very short. (steps up and over) Oops. Watch out for the gravy!

CARA: This junior-high thing is just not good. Here I am … again … in front of everybody … only this time surrounded by a heap of rubbery mashed potatoes and a side salad. It’s beyond embarrassment, more than humiliated, less than real … no, very real. Painfully real. Thoroughly mortified. I hate life. I hate school and … the entire concept of education in America and … the President of the United States. I didn’t know whether to scream or cry so I’ll just sit for a minute and close my eyes. When I open them, maybe this will all go away...

(then, later in the day …)

MARCY: Listen, after school, I’m going with my friends for ice cream. Wanna come?

CARA: (aside) I have visions of everyone standing around me as I sit in melting ice cream … and sugar cones crumbled in my hair. After all that has happened on this first day of school, should I take the chance? (facing Marcy) OK, I’ll go.

MARCY: Great! Meet me at the Pepsi machine after school. You know where it is?

CARA: Uh … yeh. I know.

MARCY: Cool. Junior high! Don’t you just love the first day of school?

CARA: It’s a first alright. Definitely a first.


Great Piece
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I did this my sophmore year in high school and loved it.

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