Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2008

It’s Prom night and the blitz is on at the hair salon. The stories are compelling.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


8 minutes

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  • 5 Females

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An excerpt …

(“Look Are Us” Hair Salon.)

(Melinda is at work at her receptionist desk. Natalie comes rushing in.)

NATALIE: Am I late?

MELINDA: That depends. Who are you?

NATALIE: Natalie. Natalie Nicolson.

MELINDA: You’re here for hair?

NATALIE: Nails. Natalie Nicolson for nails. I have an appointment.

MELINDA: Sweetheart, it’s prom night. Everybody in the whole world has an appointment. Excuse me. (answers phone) Looks Are Us. Sorry. We’re booked all day. No dear, don't jump off a cliff. You’ll break a nail. Okay, listen … I can squeeze you in at 2:15. But be on time. Yeah. You’re welcome. (hangs up) Do teenage girls ever plan ahead?

PAYTON: (rushing in) I hope I’m not late.

MELINDA: Hair, nails, massage, makeup or emotional counseling?

PAYTON: All of the above. It’s prom night.

(the group gets larger)

STACEY: (to Payton) You going to prom?

PAYTON: Yes, and I was here first.

STACEY: I know that. You were here when I came in. Did you know your car’s still running?

MELINDA: Please … just settle down, girls. We’ll get everybody done and off to the big party.

NATALIE: (enters, blowing on her nails) Oh, I love it! I just love it! (showing the other girls) Did you ever see such a …

STACEY: Natalie?


STACEY: Your dress is red. That’s orange nail polish.

(the stories may be a bit exaggerated)

MELINDA: But you see, I was very, very poor and couldn’t afford all the things you girls have to day. So I went to my poor old mother who worked 22 hours a day in the coal mines … at night … under water … with a bursitis in her right leg. (to Stacy) Go Mom!

STACEY: (jumping up and becoming the aged, limping mother) Oh sweetheart! We cannot afford a dress! Whatever shall we do?

MELINDA: So we both went to see my poor old grandma who was like a hundred and seventy-give years old ... (nudges Ramsey who gets up and ages very quickly) She had no teeth. (Ramsey covers her teeth with her lips) … she was blind ... (Ramsey closes her eyes) … and her left arm had been bitten off by a buffalo. (Ramsey tucks her left arm behind her back.) I said …

NATALIE: Oh Grandma! I’ve been asked to go to prom but I have to money to buy all the cool stuff! Whatever shall I do?

RAMSEY: (groping around blindly) Who are you?


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