Duet - Comedy, by Robert L. Crowe, 2013

A girl visits the Diet Center ... again. She doesn't have much self-discipline but she does have an opinion.

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8 - 11 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(welcome to the center)

KAREN: (to Dot) Welcome to the Delightful Diet Center. My name is Karen. I’ll be conducting your personal first weight-loss session. First, let me tell you about the Delightful Diet Center …

DOT: Oh … not necessary. I’ve been here four times before. I’m Dot. … as in dot, dot, dash (giggles) It’s somebody’s code. Maurice, I think. Anyway, in school … they used to have fun in P.E. when I had to run. They’d yell, “Dash, Dot, Dash!” (giggles)

KAREN: (stares with no expression) OK. So you are ready for the fifth session in our series?

DOT: No, I’ve never been past the first session. I’ve started the program four times but your system never works. But, I want to try again. Is the first session still free?

(self-assessment time)

KAREN: (looks at Dot for a few moments, then pulls out the instruction manual again and reads aloud) “Chapter Four. Honest Self-Assessment. Read some of the following questions to the client and have them respond.” OK. What do you think is your biggest problem?

DOT: It’s because I’m a light eater.

KAREN: Wait a minute. You come to a weight loss program and you call yourself a light eater? How can you be a light eater?

DOT: When it gets light, I start eating. And sometimes I don’t stop when it gets dark. I guess that would make me a dark eater. Light eater, dark eater. I guess I’m just an eater.

(more questions)

KAREN: Now. Just a few more questions. (Dot returns to her chair.) “Does your normal diet contain vegetables?”

DOT: Oh, no. That’s much too dangerous.

KAREN: How can eating vegetables be dangerous?

DOT: Well, Snow White ate an apple that was poison; Jack had some beans and was chased by a giant and Alice ate a mushroom. Look what happened to them. Nope. I just can’t take the chance.


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