Serious/Comedy - Duet, by Ken Bradbury, 2017

Is it okay for authors to have favorites? This is one of mine. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it’s my love of the idealism, the “I can do anything” inside the heart of every child. It’s written for two actors and of course it could be The Girl Who Wanted to Fly with a few small edits here and there. After all, girls can fly, too.

Price includes 2 scripts.


10 - 14 minutes

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  • 2 Females
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An excerpt …

TELLER: So there was this boy …

BOY: Me … the boy …

TELLER: Who wanted to fly.

BOY: Yes!

TELLER: And it all began a long time ago, at least for him.

BOY: Mommy …

TELLER: He said …

BOY: Mommy, I want to fly!

TELLER: (as Mommy) Boy, you’ve just been born. Aren’t you being a bit, you know, presumptuous?

BOY: I’m not sure what that means, Mommy. I just learned to talk this morning.

TELLER: (as Mommy) Now be a good boy and eat your oatmeal.

BOY: Oatmeal.

TELLER: But he didn’t eat his oatmeal. The boy would take his tiny spoon and draw pictures of birds and bats and butterflies … of airplanes, rockets, and shooting stars! Anything that could fly!

BOY: Things are flying in my oatmeal!

TELLER: (as Mommy) And now you have cold oatmeal. I hope you’re happy.

BOY: Oh, very!

TELLER: But a little boy can’t play in oatmeal forever, and soon he began to dream of the real thing.

BOY: Flying!

TELLER: His father was mildly concerned. (as Father) Son, I am concerned … mildly.

BOY: Father?

TELLER: Other boys … they’re out playing baseball … they’re building model rockets, they’re inventing communications systems.

BOY: Yes, Father?

TELLER: You’re jumping off sofas. You’re running across dining tables and slamming into walls. You’re leaping from the roof of the garage and doing a great deal of damage to your mother’s flowerbed. Should I be concerned?

BOY: Yes, but only mildly. Flowers are beautiful things, Father. I shall jump off the other side of the garage.

TELLER: And so it went.

BOY: And so it went.

TELLER: Day after day, leap after leap, the boy would not be satisfied until he flew.

BOY: Baseball, rockets, communications systems … nice, but flying … What can compare to soaring into the air?


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