Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

Need advice on how to approach a first date? These two characters believe that the best way to guarantee a smooth first meeting is not only to read a book on the subject but to bring it along. Find out what happens as they each attempt to follow the instructions.

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8 - 11 minutes

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  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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An excerpt …

(the first meeting)

HIM: (reading from a book) “Wooing and Winning a Woman. Chapter One. Chivalry is not dead. Even the modern woman wants to be wooed.” Woo?

HER: (reading from a book) “Relationships for Dummies. When it comes to relationships, most men are stupid.”

HIM: (reading) “Of course, before a young man can court a girl, he must first find a girl.” (the girl sits in her chair … he notices). Done.

HER: (reading) “The trick is to make the male think he’s controlling the situation. Men are timid by nature and they must think they hold the upper hand even though that is rarely the case in a great relationship. First, find a man.” (she looks and notices him) Check.

HIM: “Assertiveness is the key.” (he closes the book assertively)

HER: “Patience will win the day.” (she closes her book patiently)

(the conversation continues)

HER: Nice shirt.

HIM: You like it?

HER: I like it very much. Is it new?

HIM: To me. I got it at Goodwill. I shop there a lot.

HER: That shows good sense.

HIM: Really? Thanks. Uh … I like your outfit, too.

HER: Thank you. Christmas … from my mom.

HIM: Oh. Nice. Nice mom.

HER: Yes, she’s a very nice mom.

(the instructions could be working)

HIM: Just one second, okay?

HER: Sure.

HIM: (reading) “Above all, make a connection. No matter how brief your first encounter, leave yourself an opportunity to meet again. This is vital.”

HER: (reading) “If at your first encounter you feel you’d like to continue the relationship, then make your wishes known. Men feel that silence is a sign of rejection. Remember … their egos are fragile.” (closes book)

HIM: (reading) “If you foul up everything else, get this part right.” (closes book) Uh …

HER: Yes?

HIM: You know … I’d like to …

HER: Yes?


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