Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

A boy complains that his father is too involved in his life. He concludes that maybe he has it pretty good.


8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(his dad may be looking for him)

(running in, breathless) Have you seen him? (listens) Shhh. I think I hear him coming! (runs to one side and listens) No ... it was just a truck going by. I mean, it’s not like I’m trying to hide from him … I just need a rest. Oh ... I forgot to tell you. I’m talking about my Dad. The Super Pop.

            Don’t get me wrong. He’s not crazy or anything. I mean, not real crazy. Just a little … well ... hyper.

            Other Dads wake up in the morning. The Super Pop explodes.

 “Hey! What a great day! Come on, team! Let’s run fifty laps around the house then climb the TV antenna with the dog on our back … you know ... just get the old heart pumping in the morning!

(dad has a plan for everything)

Dad means well. He really does. (hears something) Shhhh. That’s him! I can hear him! Listen! He’s washing the dog again ... his name’s Blackie … and that’s the third time today. We’ve got the cleanest dog in the county. He’s a black Labrador but after dad washed him for two months, he’s white. Blackie is white. I’m not kidding. And he does it in the kitchen sink. A full grown Labrador in the kitchen sink. He says it’s good exercise. (looks out the window) Whoa! Blackie got loose! He’s running across the yard! Here comes Dad! Run Blackie! Run for your freedom boy! Too late. Dad tackled him in the tomato plants. I guess we’ll have to call him Red now.

(he realizes that he should be thankful for what he has)

I went over to him to ask him what was wrong. He said, “Nothin’,” and turned away.

“Come on, Jason. You okay?”

He wiped his tears and looked at me. “I started tonight,” he said. “For the first time all year the coach put me in the starting lineup.”

“Yeh, Jason, and you did great.”

“But nobody saw it.”

“You kidding, Jason? We all saw it! Didn’t you hear my Dad yelling for you? I did. Everybody did.”

“But he was your Dad, Taylor. Where was mine?”

(a long pause as he looks away …then slowly turns to the audience) I guess I better go help Super Pop. Blackie’s in a bad mood and Dad made need help. (as he leaves) See ya.


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