Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2006

A girl getting ready for her wedding gets her toe stuck in the bathtub drain. A plumber comes to the rescue.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 1 Female, 1 Male

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An excerpt …

(the plumber arrives)

Tony: (outside “the door”) Anybody in there?

Brett: Yes! Yes, I’m in here! Come in! Quick!

Tony: You’re in the bathroom.

Brett: I know I’m in the bathroom! I’m stuck in the bathroom!

Tony: Why don’t you just come out?

Brett: Because I’m stuck ... I’m stuck inside the bathroom and that’s why I can’t come out of the bathroom! Come in!

Tony: (begins to turn the knob, then stops) You got clothes on?

Brett: I’m wearing a towel. Don’t worry. I’m fine. Just get in here fast!

Tony: How big’s the towel?

Brett: Big enough! Please come in!

(it is not a smooth operation)

Tony: (reaching into his bag, then stopping) What if I break your toe?

Brett: Don’t! Work on the tub, not the toe!

Tony: (reaching into his bag) Don’t know if I got a toe remover in here. How big’s your toe?

Brett: It’s a regular, normal, very painful toe! What difference does that make?

Tony: (looking at a tool) Reckon it’s a three-quarters or a seven-eighths?

Brett: Three-quarters. I just measured it this morning. Now hurry up.

Tony: (stops) You got a good hold on that towel?

Brett: I’m guarding it with my life. Hurry up!

(guess what. They know each other)

Brett: I lived on North Pennsylvania.

Tony: No.

Brett: Keep working on the toe. (he gets back to work) I went to Classen.

Tony: No kiddin’. That was my school.

Brett: Get to work. (he gets back at it)

Tony: When’d you graduate?

Brett: Five years ago.

Tony: (stands) You’re kidding? (she looks at him) “Get back to work.” (he does, then stops) You a cheerleader?

Brett: Yes, I was a cheerleader. Please keep working. Why?

Tony: Tony Marconi.

Brett: What’s that supposed to ... oh my gosh.

Tony: I asked you to prom. You said no.

Brett: Tony!

Tony: You went with some jerk from the football team.

Brett: Yeh. I’m marrying him in five minutes. Oh my gosh! Tony Marconi way out here in New York.


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