Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2001

You might be a boot-stompin’ redneck if you do this little number. Purchase master script and make as many copies as needed.


10 - 12 minutes

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An excerpt …

(meet the announcers)

JIM: That’s right! Radio station K-O-R-N right here in Redneck, Arkansas! The home of gorgeous women and buttered biscuits!

BOB: Love them women!

JIM: And their biscuits!  And to start things off this mornin’, here’s Ima Fox and the Tank Tops with The Ten Commandments of Love!

GROUP I: If your truck’s got curtains and your livin’ room don’t

And Spam is a gourmet food.

If you clean your fish in the dinin’ room

Well, that is just derned rude.

GROUP II: If you think you’re gonna tag this dear,

You’re gonna need some help from above.

You better write it in stone, then take it on home …

‘Cause it’s the Ten Commandments of Love!

(girls chorus)

THE GIRLS: Hey Bubba it’s time you got a grip

On the Ten Commandments of Love.

THE GIRLS: Commandment One!

ONE: “Thou Shalt Bait my hook. Especially if it’s the first date.”

THE GIRLS: Commandment Two!

TWO: “Camouflage is not a proper wedding color.”

THE GIRLS: Commandment Three!

THREE: “There is no reason to have grease under your toenails.”

(even commercials)

JIM: Hey! What a song!

BOB: What a song! What a song! And we’ll be right back with Big Bull Chips singin’ “I Fell In A Pile Of You And Got Love All Over Me!” right after this message from Aunt Betty Botter’s Buttered Biscuits!

BISCUIT GROUP: Throw ‘em at the ceiling! Throw ‘em at the wall!

Betty Botter’s  Buttered Biscuits! They’re the best of all!


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