Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2005

A girl wanting to be treated as an adult, goes on a game show — then changes her mind.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


8 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 2 Females, 3 Males

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An excerpt …

(It’s just a game …)

REX: Hello P.J.! And welcome to “So You Want to be an Adult!”

P.J.: Yeh. Whatever.

REX: So before we get started, tell us … Just why do you want to be an adult?

P.J.: Stupid question.

REX: (still smiling) Thanks.

P.J.: Because I am an adult.

REX: You are?

P.J.: You got a problem with that?

REX: Certainly not! Do you have a problem with that, Bob?

BOB:  No way, Rex! Glad you asked!

P.J.: So when do I get the prize?

(The game turns serious.)

SEAN: (appearing suddenly) Miss Sullen?

P.J.: Yeh?

SEAN: You’re two months behind on your car payment. I’m afraid we’ll have to take it back.

P.J.: You can’t take my car!

CAREY: P.J. Sullen?

P.J.: What?

CAREY: I’m from the credit card company. You’ve maxed out your current card and your interest rate is now 71%.

P.J.: You can’t do that!

SEAN: (as another character) Miss Sullen, I’m from the I.R.S. We have some questions about your deductions for bubble gum.

P.J.: Wait a minute! Hold it just a darned minute! I can’t handle all this!

(She is not so sure …)

SEAN: Hey, Mom. Got a minute? I want to go to college but I’m broke …

P.J.: You should have thought of that a long …

CAREY: Mom, is it okay if I get married? I don’t have a job, but we love each other.

P.J.: Everybody just slow down!

REX: Sorry, P.J.! Life doesn’t slow down! You’ve got to make those decisions now!

P.J.: I can’t!

BOB:  You’ve got to! Right, Rex?

REX: Right you are, Bob! Thanks for mentioning it!

BOB:  No problem. Okay P.J., what’s it gonna be? The whole nation is waiting!

P.J.: I don’t want to make those decisions!

REX: What was that she said, Bob?

BOB:  She said she doesn’t want to make those decisions, Rex!


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