Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2005

This is the re-tale of Snow White like you have never heard. It has all the elements: 4 dwarves, a prince-therapist and a bunch of others. This piece is specifically designed for a school audience presentation. It is suggested as a high school group presentation to an elementary or junior high audience. Price for a master script is $25. Make as many copies as you need for the presentation. Per performance royalty is $25.


20 - 25 minutes

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  • 16 Characters

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An excerpt …

(The story unfolds.)

ALL: (singing) Ta-Dah!

NARRATOR: Once upon a time ...

STEPMOTHER: I mean, is this just too precious, or what?

NARRATOR: There lived a beautiful girl named Snow White.


NARRATOR: And her evil Stepmother ...

STEPMOTHER: (singing) “I am Woman! W. O. M. A. N.” You got a problem with that?

NARRATOR: Snow White lived with her ...

STEPMOTHER: I mean, if there’s a problem, there’s a solution ... you know what I mean?

NARRATOR: She lived with her evil Stepmother and three ugly sisters.


UGLIANA: Who wrote that?

(A special guest.)

NARRATOR: Who are you?

PRINCE BOB: I’m Prince Bob ... your psychotherapist.

NARRATOR: Pr ... There is no Prince Bob in this story.

PRINCE BOB: Sure, honey. Whatever you say.  Now tell me, did your mother abuse you?

NARRATOR: No!  My mother was a beautiful, charming ...

PRINCE CHARMING: I’m here! I’m here! I’m ...

NARRATOR: Oh, shut up!

PRINCE BOB: Have you always had trouble relating to men?


PRINCE BOB: Even small ones?

DWARVES: (start singing) Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s ...

(The plot muddles.)

NARRATOR: So the Wicked Stepmother took off through the dark forest. ‘Til she came to the cabin of the Dwarves.

SNOW WHITE: I’m not there yet!

NARRATOR: Well, hurry up. I am totally confused.

WEIRDY: Oh boy!

STEPMOTHER: (ala witch) My dear! You’re all cold and alone in this dark, mysterious forest!

SNOW WHITE: Yes, and I am so cold and all alone.

STEPMOTHER: I just said that. Well, my pretty, look! A bit of golden lace to warm your dainty throat.

SNOW WHITE: Oh, thank you, dear, sweet, gracious, charming ...

PRINCE CHARMING: I’m here! I’m here!

NARRATOR: No you’re not.

PRINCE CHARMING: I’m not! I’m not!

NARRATOR: So, sweet Snow White put the lace around her neck.

DWARVES: (ala Homer Simpson) Doe!

THREE SISTERS: (singing) You’ll be sorry.


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