Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2010

A younger sister is having a tough time socially.

Price includes 2 scripts.


6 - 8 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(Ellie is writing another goodbye letter.)

PAULA: (entering) What are you writing?

ELLIE: (trying vainly to hide the letter) Nothing.

PAULA: You aren’t running away from home again are you?

ELLIE: That’s silly! I don’t do those things anymore.

PAULA: You’re running away from home.

ELLIE: I’m just thinking about it, okay?

PAULA: And you’ve written another note to Mom about how she doesn’t listen to you and nobody understands you.

ELLIE: Well … something like that.

PAULA: Ellie, this is getting old.

ELLIE: It’s none of your business.

PAULA: Of course it’s my business. You’re my little sister and if you leave then I get the front bedroom. This is important.

(Her parents are picking on her.)

ELLIE: First I can’t get my ears pierced, then mom said no to the tattoo and she just blew a gasket when that first boy invited me on a date.

PAULA: You were eight years old, Ellie. You’d have had to go in your stroller!

ELLIE: That’s not funny. It was love!

PAULA: It was chocolate milk.


PAULA: The boy gave you his chocolate milk at lunch time and fell in love … over a milk carton. Ellie, as long as you keep doing these dumb things people aren’t going to trust you.

ELLIE: How do you know?

PAULA: Because I did the same dumb things when I was your age. Been there, kid. Done that.

ELLIE: So what happened?

PAULA: I grew up. Sorta. So what’s really the matter?

(Big sis has some good advice.)

ELLIE: (a pause, then) So how do I … How do I do it right?

PAULA: I know the answer but I don’t know if you’ve got the guts to do it.

ELLIE: Try me.

PAULA: Be somebody you hardly know.


PAULA: You. Just be you. Ellie, when we think we’re not good enough we try to be somebody else ... the way we dress, the way we act … the way we talk. And it never works. You hear me, sister? It never works. Who’s your best friend?

ELLIE: (a pause, then) You, I guess.


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