Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1995

Philosophical frogs? Yep. The only two on the pond ... ponder the meaning of life. Comedy plus.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(Two frogs, Gumph and Harold, sit upon their haunches at the side of a pond. Their big eyes blink lazily and their jaws move in a bored up and down motion. Occasionally, one frog will take a huge breath, extending his belly fully, then exhaling.  This goes on for some time before either frog speaks.)

Gumph: Ribbitt.

Harold: (after a pause, slowly turns his head to Gumph) What?

Gumph: (stares at him a moment, then) I said, “Ribbitt.”

Harold: I know what you said. I heard you. Now what did you mean?

Gumph: (a take, then) Mean? It doesn’t mean anything, Harold. You ever ask a dog what “Arf!” means? He doesn’t know. He’s a dog. I’m a frog. I say Ribbitt. There’s no explanation, just a sound. I’m just a Ribbitt kind of guy. OK? Now leave me alone!

(A philosophical look at life.)

Gumph: Don’t tell me. I am a frog!

Harold: Yeh. But that’s not the point.  I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this lately.

Gumph: To what? Being a frog? How can you give a lot of thought to being a frog? I mean, it takes like two seconds. (thinking, then) “I’m a frog!” End of the matter!

Harold: But if a frog really thought that all he was, was a frog, then ... well then ... I mean, life would be so ... so pointless.

Gumph: First you ruin my ribbitt and now you’re calling me pointless?

Harold: Not exactly. It’s just when you’re so ... so limited by your frogness.

(And, it gets deeper.)

Harold: Look at the leaf on that tree ... just hanging there ... can’t jump, can’t swim, can’t blink any buggy eyes ...We’ve got to keep dreaming about being more, but ...

Gumph: But what?

Harold: But there’s nothing wrong with being who we are. The best way to be more than a frog is to be the best frog you can be.

Gumph: Why do I feel like I’m on Sesame Street?

Harold: Huh?

Gumph: I get your point, Harold.

Harold: Sometimes you can’t see the trees for the forest, Gumph.

Gumph: (winces at the pun) Oh. That hurts.

Harold: I know.


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