Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2010

All of your favorites are back at the weird summer camp.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


7 - 9 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 4 Females, 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(First letter home)

LUCILLE: (writing) Dear Mother and Daddy. Well, you did it again. You sentenced me to a month a good old Camp Sunshine. I don’t want to be too dramatic but have you ever heard of child abuse? Was it something I said? No offense, but this bible camp is a long, long way from heaven. Actually, it’s closer to a detention. Gloria is still social director. I think they let her out of the home once a year to come drool over us. Uncle Ernie has had three brain surgeries since last summer and it’s not helped him one bit. This morning he walked by a magnetic screen door and it stuck to his forehead.

(The Activities Director is back.)

GLORIA: It’s me again, campers! G-L-O-R-I-A! Yesss! It’s Mexicali Rancheros Night in the cafeteria and just a reminder to the girls in my cabin ... remember the oath we took last night to abstain from the taco sauce while sleeping together. I want to remind you that tonight in my cabin we’ll have a special devotion upon the role of Avon skincare products in bringing peace and love to our brothers and sisters in Asia. And don’t forget! Let’s get to bed early tonight since Uncle Ernie’s Wilderness Adventure begins bright and early tomorrow morning! Damnation Swamp is calling you!

(And, there is drama.)

MARGO: (writing) Dear Skip. I got trapped … I’m not kiddin’. Sister Lugasi asked me to translate the ingredients on a package of tamales and found out I couldn’t speak any foreign language. She’s got me pre-soaking the Frosted Flakes for breakfast. And stop putting your notes on her can opener! That’s the only utensil she knows how to use.


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