Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2012

A chorale presentation about our country’s greatest music and how it was written.


8 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(This will be sure to inspire the patriot within us all.)

SOLO: What makes a great country?

SOLO: Great heroes!

SOLO: Great people!

SOLO: Great hamburgers!

SOLO: … And great songs!

SOLO: Halt! (drums stop)

SOLO: The Civil War!

SOLO: Both sides sang this one … North and South …

SOLO: The melody came from Ireland, but an American, Patrick Gilmore, wrote this for his sister and she prayed for the safe return of her fiancé from the war.

SMALL GROUP: Hup! Two! Three! Four!

Hup! Two! ----------Three! Four!

SMALL GROUP: When Johnny comes marching home again

ALL: Hurrah! Hurrah!

SMALL GROUP: We'll give him a hearty welcome then.

ALL: Hurrah! Hurrah!

(Full of humor, inspiration and great songs.)

SOLO 1: Okay, so I’ve got a question.

SOLO 2: Uh … excuse me. We’re in performance.

SOLO 1: I know that but I’ve still got a question.

SOLO 2: (to the audience) I’m sorry about this. (to the first soloist) Okay, what is it?

SOLO 1: What the heck is a Yankee Doodle?

SOLO 2: That? You stopped us for that?

SOLO 1: Well? What is it?

SOLO 2: That’s ridiculous! Everybody knows what a Yankee Doodle is!

SOLO 1: Okay … so tell me.

SOLO 2: It’s … uh … you know. It’s … somebody help me.

SOLO 3: It means a fool … an idiot.

SOLO 2: You’re kidding?

SOLO 3: I never kid during a performance. The British troops were making fun of the way the American troops looked. They called them “doodles.”

SOLO 2: That’s awful.

SOLO 3: Don’t worry. We won the war … and the British changed their tune.

SOLO 1: Of the song?


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