Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 1995

It's a 'right of pasage' ... the prom. An older sister tries to prepare younger sis with advice you won't see in Ann Landers.

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(The big dance.)

Marsh: I said, “You nervous?”

Tammy: (obviously nervous) No!  Why should I be nervous ... I mean, it’s just a ... it’s just a ... p ... p … (she can’t get the word out)

Marsh: What?

Tammy: It’s a ... a p ... p ...

Marsh: Prom?  Are you trying to say “prom?”

Tammy: Sure.  I can say it ... p ... p ...

(Big sister has some advice.)

Marsh: This isn’t Sesame Street, honey.  This is prom.  You’ve got to compare notes.  At a prom, the rest rooms become the war room.  Scouting reports come in, generals map out their strategy, ammunition is distributed ...

Tammy: Ammunition?

Marsh: Makeup ... the Stealth Bomber of adolescence.

Tammy: Am I supposed to remember all this?

Marsh: Nope.  You’re an American woman.  This was all implanted in your DNA at birth.  Now ... just a few other little details ... fast dances are safe, but watch out for the slow ones.

Tammy: I don’t even know how to slow dance!

(He calls.)

Tammy: (into phone) M. (listens, then) Yeh ... me, too.

Marsh: What’d he say?

Tammy: He says he’s just nervous about tonight and thought he’d call me to see how I was doin’. (into phone) Yeh ... I am too.

Marsh: Don’t admit that!  Remember what I told you?

Tammy: (into phone) Yeh.  Scared to death, actually.

Marsh: Oh, geesh!

Tammy: (into phone) Listen.  Let’s make a deal.  Let’s just say that you’re nervous and I’m nervous so we’ll just be nervous together and have a good time.  OK? (he answers) Great!  See ya later! (she hangs up)

Marsh: What’ve you done!?

Tammy: Sorry, Marsh.  I gotta be me.

Marsh: Think it’ll work?


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