Poetry, by Ken Bradbury, 1997

Who's the greatest preacher of them all? Preacher Bailey, that's who. Even God shouted 'Amen!'


5 - 6 minutes

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An excerpt …

Preacher Bailey, power in his blood,

Sixty-two years makin’ saints outa mud ...

Preacher Bailey, glory in his speech ...

Sixty-two years, Lord, listen to him preach!

Well, somebody shout Amen!


Well, somebody shout Amen!


Addicts drug from the pits of hell

With their demons of nun shoutin’ “Lord, have mercy!”

Every perversion that old Satan could yell

‘Til the devil himself cried, “Lord, have mercy!”

Well, somebody shout Amen!


Well somebody shout Amen!


Rowdies in the back of the congregation swore ...

Rough-house gamblers threw their bets onto the floor ...

Liars started screamin’ with their lungs scorchin’ hot

And twelve Baptist matrons just fainted on the spot.

Well, Somebody shout Amen!


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