Monologue - Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2015

A unique, dramatic monologue about the fateful night that Abraham Lincoln was shot as imagined by a livery stable boy paid to hold the assassin's horse by the back door.


7 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

(The boy runs in, fighting to catch his breath, falls to his knees, and then after a long moment speaks.)

I was just holdin’ his horse. Honest. That was all. A dollar! He give me a whole dollar! I’m not kiddin’! He said, “You hold him. You hold him right here by the door and don’t you move. You hear me, boy? Don’t you move an inch from this spot!” A dollar! I ain’t earned a whole dollar in my life. My pa … he runs the livery stable. You want all four feet of your horse with new shoes and that’s only fifty cents! I was just holdin’ the horse! Honest!

(He gets up, peeks around an imaginary corner.) Lots of excitement. The place is goin’ crazy. People runnin’ up and down the street. I hope I ain’t in trouble … I was just holdin’ his horse … honest.

I was supposed to go to church with Ma tonight. It’s Good Friday and she never misses church and she said I had to go but then he come up to me and offered me that money. “Ma!” I said. “A dollar! Please, Ma! I promise I’ll be sittin’ right beside you on Easter mornin’! Please, Ma! Please let me!” And she did. She didn’t wanna but she did. Pa, he never sets foot inside a church … says he can’t leave the livery stable. ‘Course he never minds leavin’ when the taverns open up. But he’s got a busy shop right here beside the place where they put on the shows. Big sign out front. “Ford’s Theatre” and then right behind it’s our stable. We live up above. Smell’s not too good but at least we’re close to work.

(looks around the corner again) It’s gettin’ more fierce across the street. Oh, I got a terrible feelin’ in my gut that I’m gonna be in trouble. I’m gonna be in awful trouble. But Pa … he always says, “You gotta make a buck where you can,” and that’s all I was doin’. Honest!


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