Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2007

A friend hosts a party but the birthday girls invites way too many.

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8 - 9 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(Just a few close friends)

JULIA: Twelve. I promise, that’s all I’ve invited.

MADELINE: Julia, you never keep your promises on these things. You always go overboard.

JULIA: No, Madeline, I’m not kidding this time. For this birthday I only invited twelve of my closest friends. I mean, I have mentioned it to a few more, but …

MADELINE: I knew it! I knew it!

JULIA: But that doesn’t mean they’re coming!

MADELINE: How many? How many did you “just mention” it to?

JULIA: How should I know? I mean, there was my gym class and the volleyball team and …

(Julia has done this before.)

MADELINE: You invited the whole football team, Julia … and it wasn’t even our team! It was the team we were playing! They pulled up in their bus and I spent the whole night running to the store for drinks and chips! Do you have any idea how much chip dip a linebacker can eat after a football game?

JULIA: But they were cute. You’ve got to admit that, Madeline. They were cute.

MADELINE: They were muddy and sweaty and they dropped their chips all over Mom’s kitchen carpet. You need some control, girl! You need to learn how to say no. Are you listening to me?


(Among the guests is a daycare group.)

JULIA: Did you just hear a splash?

MADELINE: Yes. Inside my brain.

JULIA: (looking out the window) The daycare kids are really enjoying your new pool.

MADELINE: (joining her at the window) We don’t have a pool!

JULIA: It sure looks like a pool.

MADELINE: That’s the neighbor’s pool! And they just treated it with chlorine! You can’t swim in there for four days!

JULIA: Is that why the kids are all turning green?

MADELINE: Oh, my gosh!


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