Comedy - Duet, by Robert L. Crowe, 2018

Life on the moon is one thing but living there is quite another. Two performers, of either gender, get stranded on the moon and have to figure out what happens next.

Price includes 2 scripts.


6 - 9 minutes

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  • 2 Females
  • 1 Female, 1 Male
  • 2 Males

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Outer Space

An excerpt …

Buzz and Tom are alone onstage. It is the surface of the moon.

BUZZ: Well, you paid for a trip to the moon … and here we are.

TOM: When I paid the tourist agency for a ride to the moon with you astronauts, I bought a round trip ticket. Here I am on the moon, and the space ship left without us. (shows piece of paper) See, here’s my return trip ticket! I wonder if I can get a refund because I only traveled one way.

BUZZ: The refund is the least of your worries … and mine, too. I still can’t figure out why the captain left without us. He had to see our seats were empty. One of the items in bold print on the pre-flight checklist is …”Where is everybody?”

TOM: I don’t know but we’re kinda lucky that the crew dumped all of this equipment and food parcels. Otherwise we’d have nothing but rocks.

BUZZ: Yeah, they did that to lighten the load of the space ship. There was too much weight for the rockets to launch.

TOM: Uhhh … how much do you weigh?

BUZZ: I’m a little overweight. How much do you weigh?

(They both pause to think that this is the reason they were stranded, look at each other, then at the audience.)

TOM AND BUZZ: I think I get the picture.

BUZZ: Well … we better build a place to live. We’ll build a rock house. Help me stack some of these rocks.

(They walk as if rocks are tied to their feet.)

TOM: It’s hard to walk with rocks tied to our feet. Is this really necessary?

BUZZ: If we didn’t we would always be floating. Gravity is only 16% of earth. Help me lift this.

(They easily move a rock, tossing it in the air to demonstrate the weight factor. They move a few rocks and stack them during these few sentences.)

BUZZ: And we’re lucky we have these new see-through space suits. Those old suits made me look like a deep-sea diver.

TOM: Let’s put this rock right here. Yes, this is the start of our castle …

BUZZ: I think we can skip the moat but it will have a moon roof. And a TV room.

TOM: It will be a three bedroom castle.

BUZZ: Three bedroom? But there are only two of us.

TOM: Extra room in case of guests.

BUZZ: That’s the spirit. A little dumb but a positive outlook.


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