Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2010

A student volunteer has to direct the pre-school play.


7 - 10 minutes

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  • 1 Male
  • 1 Female

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An excerpt …

(Things start poorly.)

(to an imaginary actor) It’s a stump! It’s just a stupid stump! Now, get down on your hands and knees and be a stump! Okay, I know it says that Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet but nobody knows what a tuffet is and Jennifer is crying all over her Miss Muffet costume because she doesn’t have anywhere to sit! All right, a tuffet is a footstool but we don’t have any footstool costumes. All we have is a stump.

(Then get worse.)

Your candlestick? A flashlight? You couldn’t find a candlestick? Afraid of fire? That’s why the kid does dumb things like jumping over candlesticks! He’s not afraid of anything! Oh, who cares? Get over there … stage right. Hey clock! Come over here and hold the flashlight for Jack. You’re still dizzy? (holding up two fingers) How many fingers do you see? Four? Close enough! Grab the flashlight, Bubba. Okay Jack, come running in when I say, “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick …” (watching him run in) “… Jack jump over the … flashlight.” (a pause then) You stepped on your candlestick. (bending down to the kid) Hey, candlestick, you okay? You want your mommy? I do too. Look, just go sit over there again. You’re having a rough day. (to everyone) Do we have any scenes where nobody gets climbed on or jumped over?

(All’s well that ends.)

They’re applauding! They’re cheering! They love it! Bow! Bow! Everybody take a bow! We made it! We’re alive! They’re cheering for the stump! Bow, stump! Bow! Milk it for all it’s worth, baby! You’re a star! You … are … a … star!


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