Monologue - Serious/Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2015

A light-hearted but compassionate look at why words matter. This monologue is a tribute to the courage of children with Down syndrome as well as their families. You will laugh and you may cry.


7 - 10 minutes

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An excerpt …

When my little brother Jacob was six months old my mother said she was going to write a book. She was going to call it, “One Hundred Things That Can Be Flushed Down a Toilet.” Jacob loved pulling handles and watching things disappear. We’d be missing a book or a credit card or a goldfish and we’d say, “Jacob!” He’d smile and say, “Woosh! Woosh!” Jacob didn’t have much of a vocabulary until he was four or five years old so words were a big deal to him when he finally learned to talk. Words can do that. They can be a big deal.

Here’s how it happens: the nucleus of every cell has 23 sets of chromosomes and there’s this little rascal called chromosome 21. If you have an extra pair of 21’s we call it Down syndrome. Not “Downs.” Down. One out of every 691 babies born in our country this year will have it. That means about 6000 this year. And Jacob is one of them.

Jacob is probably the most … How do I put this? … amazing thing that’s ever happened to our family. Just when we thought we had life figured out, along came Jacob and our world sort of got turned upside down … or flushed away. Whoosh! Woosh!

It was funny … Mom was so worried about how to tell us that we were about to have a brother with a disability. She’d read about the proper way to break it to the family without causing too much heartache. And here’s the part we still laugh about: My big brother said, “Lots of people with disabilities use dogs to help them get around. Does this mean we can get a dog?” And I said …now remember, I was much younger … I said, “Does this mean we can park in the handicapped spaces?” Jacob has provided us with a lot of laughs.


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