Comedy some serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2012

A girl goes to see her Grandmother in a retirement home. A little bit of comedy and serious but mostly it’s about Love.

Price includes 2 scripts.


6 - 8 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(Are Grandma's special? Yes, they are.)

JENNY: (looking at her notes) Okay … uh … What was it like in the good old days?

GRANDMA: Dumb question. Go on to the next one.


GRANDMA: Good old days are only good after they’re gone. Cutting wood for the fire, walking to school, running through the snow at midnight to the outhouse … yes sir, nothing but laughs. Got any intelligent questions on your list?

JENNY: (scanning her paper) Well … uh … got any stories?

GRANDMA: Stories? When you get my age that’s all you’ve got. You can’t do it anymore so you talk about it. Did I tell you about the time I killed the bear?

JENNY: You killed a bear?

GRANDMA: Well, not exactly dead. Not like fried chicken or anything.

JENNY: You killed a bear but not exactly?

GRANDMA: He was in our motel.

JENNY: Wow! A bear came in your motel?

GRANDMA: Sort of. Actually, he was there before we arrived. I guess maybe it was his motel.

JENNY: (writing furiously) This is great! Wait ‘til the other kids hear about this!

GRANDMA: Write fast. It was a quick battle.

JENNY: Go on! Go on!

(and now we learn)

GRANDMA: Watch the sun go down.


GRANDMA: Your grandpa … even when he was having a busy day … he’d see the sun go down and he’d shout, “Come out, Marie! Come watch this with me!”… and we’d sit there together, just the two of us, and watch the sun set. (a pause, then) Think I’m weird?

JENNY: Yes, but that’s got nothing to do with it.

GRANDMA: (laughs, then) That’s my girl! Tell your classmates … tell them to find an older person … someone who can’t get out much … tell them to just go sit with them at sunset. They can talk if they want, but just sit with them. Be with them. Know what kills people, Jenny?


GRANDMA: Loneliness. More than heart attacks or diseases. The really beautiful things in life … love, people, sunsets … they just don’t feel right unless they’re shared. (a pause, then) Sound crazy, don’t I?


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