Duet - Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

What are these two students to do? No one left them a copy of the morning announcements and they have to improvise. Announcements will never be the same at this school.

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7 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females
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An excerpt …

(school announcement time)

BRETT: (entering with Dana) I’ve got to what?

DANA: The announcements. You’ve got to make the morning announcements.

BRETT: I can’t do this! I’m a terrible speaker!

DANA: Sydney Meyer was supposed to read the announcements this morning but she had a dentist appointment. Come on, it’s easy. I’ll give you the stuff as it comes in.

BRETT: Get somebody else!

DANA: School’s about to start and we always start with the announcements. You were the first person I ran into in the hallway.

(winging it)

BRETT: (behind the mic) Uh … Good morning. This is Brett Clark with your morning announcements. (to Dana) Where’s the announcement?

DANA: Just say something while I look around. (handing Brett something) Here.

BRETT: (reading) “We’re out of Twinkies. Pick up kids after soccer practice.”

DANA: Stop! That’s the school secretary’s shopping list.

BRETT: Uh … I mean we’ve got plenty of Twinkies. Come pick them up at soccer practice.

(things get mixed up)

DANA: This is a mess. Everything’s all mixed up. Here … (handing)

BRETT: “The Spanish Club will be voting on their favorite dead Spanish poet this week. If you want to vote, see Mrs. Clinton in room 57-B.” (Dana hands him another.) “If anyone sees a cow in the cafeteria, please give it to the cooks.”

DANA: Towel.


DANA: If anyone sees a towel …


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