Poetry, by Ken Bradbury, 1994

You probably take your basketball referees for granted. This one talks back!


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An excerpt …

Bub Blevins was the fella’s name, a veteran of the game.

He’d made more calls in 30 years than General Tel could claim.

He was the dean of referees, the King of Hardwood Miles,

But tonight Bub Blevins was sportin’ only smiles.

We’d never seen him crack a grin through all the grueling years,

But on this night, his final game, he smiled between the ears.

Tonight he was retiring from a life with the irate fan,

And … tonight, sly old Bub Blevins had himself a plan.


He walked up to the visitin’ coach and said, “A fool? That’s true.

A fool for takin’ taunts for years instead of tauntin’ you.

Your coaching stinks, you play to lose, you’re lazy, weak and rude.

And by the way, that tie of yours reflects your ugly mood!”


Then he grabbed the microphone and calmly stopped the game.

“I want to say a thing or two,” he loudly did exclaim.

“When you employ a referee to judge this ballyhoo,

You ain’t hired no mangy dog to beat and curse and chew.

“A referee’s a man, my friends, or a woman just like you.

He’s got a heart, she’s got a soul, and he’s got feelin’s, too.

Imagine takin’ up a job to help make players strong,

Then bein’ ashamed to even bring your wife and kids along.


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