Comedy, by Robert L. Crowe, 2012

Two men in competition have a discussion about their small home towns.

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5 - 7 minutes

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  • 2 Males

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An excerpt …

(It is indeed a small world.)

OMEGA: Is this seat taken? May I sit here?

ALFIE: Sure. Grab a seat. Well. The big day of competition is finally here.

OMEGA: Yeah. Finally here. Say, could you tell me what I signed up for?

ALFIE: You mean you registered and you don’t know what for?

OMEGA: I’m a joiner. I was walking by and someone asked me if I had registered and I said no.

(How small you say?)

OMEGA: I lived on First Street. Second Street was in the next town.

ALFIE: The road map of our town was actual size.

(They quickly dissolve into a golf game.)

OMEGA: Hey, nice shot. Speaking of shots. We had a big legal clash in town. The mayor wouldn’t give the sheriff the town gun.

ALFIE: Our mayor was the sheriff. Also the town council and street cleaner.

OMEGA: Here. Watch this putt! Made it! Our city tour was conducted from a step-ladder.

ALFIE: In our town the First National Bank was a guy with big pockets.


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