Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2012

Two girls attend their first day of Kindergarten. They discover something that they didn’t expect to find … boys!

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7 - 9 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

(The first day of kindergarten and you need a friend.)

MONIQUE: (entering, holding Kitty’s hand) This it?

KITTY: They said, “All the way down the hall then turn at the water fountain.”

MONIQUE: I didn’t see the water fountain.

KITTY: Me either. But I had my eyes closed.

MONIQUE: Me, too.

KITTY: Wanna open ‘em?

MONIQUE: I’m scared.

KITTY: Me too. Can you go through a whole year of kindergarten with your eyes closed?

MONIQUE: I don’t think so.

KITTY: Why not?

MONIQUE: You bump into stuff.

KITTY: Okay … on three let’s open our eyes. One … two … three! (both girls open their eyes) Oh no!


KITTY: Other people. Mommy didn’t say there’d be other people in kindergarten. I thought I had it all to myself.

(The stress of coloring causes disaster.)

MONIQUE: What? That’s great.

KITTY: Oh, no.

MONIQUE: We won’t have to go back to kindergarten class, Kitty!

KITTY: Great.

MONIQUE: We get to meet the principal on the very first day! Is that great or what, Kitty?

KITTY: Really great.

MONIQUE: (as the two begin to move out of the area) You think he’ll color with us, Kitty?

KITTY: I’m sure he will, Monique.

MONIQUE: (just before they exit) You know, this is really cool, Kitty. The very first day and they send us to the very, very most important person in the school!


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