Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2008

This lad is on the cross country team because his Dad thought he should be good at some sport.


6 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(He admits he is not so good.)

Last week … and this is really embarrassing … but last week I didn’t even get last place. I’m not kidding. The starter shot his gun, we all took off, we raced around the track about four times then the guys came running across the finish line. I was so far behind that everybody forgot I was in the race. By the time I got to the finish line they had already started the next race. The good news is that I finished first in that one … wish it would have counted.

(His Dad tried to find him a sport.)

“Gee Dad!” I said, “What can I do?”

I’ll tell you the truth. He had to think a minute. First he thought about basketball. “Stand up, Kyle!” he said.

“Uh … Dad. I am standing up.”

“Oh.. Yeah. Kinda short, aren’t you?”

He’s known me for (13) years and he’s just now noticing?

Then he thought about football, just before the cat walked by and knocked me back down to the floor again. “No,” he said. “Maybe not football.”

(He is easily distracted from practicing.)

Well, I guess I’d better finish the race. I don’t want the team to have to come looking for me like last week. I was fishing. Look, there was this awesome like creek and I knew there were fish there and so I thought, when am I gonna get this chance again, to … (yelling) Comin’, Coach! Comin’!  I’m your runner, Coach! I’m your star runner. (to the audience) I guess I’d better go. See what happens? I just get distracted. See ya (beginning to run off then stops) Whoa! Now that is one cool tree!


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