Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2003

A TV travel reporter goes to Mother Goose Land for a special. The characters he meets are really special.

The number and gender of characters can be changed to accommodate available participants. Price is for a master script. Make as many copies as is required for your ensemble.


10 minutes

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  • 8 Characters

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An excerpt …

(Johnny tries to start the TV show as usual)

MARY MARY: (entering angrily) Would you watch where you’re steppin’, fella?

JOHNNY: Excuse me?

MARY MARY: Your feet, dummy!

JOHNNY: (a finger to his headpiece) Can we go to commercial? We can’t?

MARY MARY: Who’re you talkin’ to, Bubba?

JOHNNY: (trying to move away from Mary Mary) As I said, this is Johnny Venture with the Travel Channel and we’re hear today in Mother Goose Land, and …

MARY MARY: Oh, great. There go the cockleshells.

(he takes a deep breath and  …)

JOHNNY: Not even close. Perhaps if you’d just leave them alone and they’ll come home.

BO PEEP: Brilliant! You think I’ve got a choice? I’ve got to leave them alone if I can’t find them! What a duffus!  I suppose you’re gonna tell me they’ll be wagging their tales behind them?

JOHNNY: Well … yes.

BO PEEP: You ever see a sheep wagging its tale in front? I’m glad I’m not payin’ you for advice, mister! (she exits wailing)

(your favorites keep coming)

MUFFETT: (entering) Have you seen him?

JOHNNY: Seen who?

MUFFETT: Oh sure. Play innocent.

JOHNNY: Look, little girl, I don’t have any idea what you’re …

MUFFETT: The spider! Have you seen that horrible spider?

JOHNNY: I haven’t seen any spider.

MUFFETT: Well, then don’t just stand there! Look for him!

JOHNNY: Look for him?

MUFFETT: I am not sitting on that tuffett again, I swear I’m not. I come along yesterday, just minding my own business and chowing down on some curds and whey that I bought over at the Piggly Wiggly Supermarket ... wasn’t bothering a soul, mind you ... and then he came!


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