Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2000

Still having a little trouble with fear of the dark? Here’s the story of someone who is. Elementary or junior high level.


5 - 8 minutes

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An excerpt …

(Every night …)

(a long silence as he lays there wide-eyed … then softly) This is terrible. I hate it. (he gets out of bed and talks to the audience) Okay! I’m afraid of the dark, Okay? You wanna make somethin’ of it? All right, tell me the truth. I want a show of hands here. How many of you used to take one huge step just as you got outa bed ‘cause you were afraid that somethin’ was gonna grab you from under the bed? (holds his hand up) Come on! Be honest? Let’s see your hands! See!

(You know what could happen?)

You can feel the bed start to move as it crawls up your covers and then it sits there slobberin’ on your toes. Then it starts creepin’ up the bed sheets toward your neck. You can hear it’s ugly old heart beatin’ and you see those red beady eyes glarin’ at your neck, ready to tear you apart. Your own heart is about to bust out of your chest and you jump from the bed and jerk on the light! (he does) What? (yells down the hall) Uh … gosh Dad, I must have bumped against the light switch. Yeh … Yeh, I’ll turn it off … (he does, gently)

(Better go to the parents bedroom.)

I’ll just tell him that. He’ll understand when I talk about money. (he creeps from his room, turns a corner, then) Uh … Dad … Wake up. Dad, wake up. I’ve got to talk to you about someth … (looks around) uh … Dad … how come you and Mom are sleepin’ with that little light on? In case of an earthquake? Dad … old buddy, old pal. I wanna talk to you about somethin’.


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