Duet - Serious, by Ken Bradbury, 2013

For those of you who have asked the eternal question, "What is life all about?" you might just find an answer in this selection. A glimpse of life brought to you by Mark and Luke. Fast paced for aggressive performers.

Price includes 2 scripts.


6 - 9 minutes

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  • 2 Females
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An excerpt …

(scene one)

MARK: This is a play about life!

LUKE: About life!

MARK: Love!

LUKE: Love!

MARK: Living!

LUKE: Living!

MARK: Sorrow, heartbreak, rejection, elevation, anxiety, euphoria, fear, circumnavigation, arthritis and finally … peace!

LUKE: Peace!

MARK: Scene one!

LUKE: We begin!

MARK: We begin!

(scene six)

MARK: Scene six! Life is … Change!

LUKE: Change? Change!

MARK: Nothing … Nothing remains the same!

LUKE: Nothing!

MARK: Life is not progress! Life is not striving! It’s … adaptation!

LUKE: Modification!

MARK: Variation, revision, adjustment!

LUKE: Adapting, revising, adjusting, repositioning one’s self for the next move.

MARK: A finesse!

LUKE: A feint!

MARK: A slight moving this way and that to ride out the winds of change …

LUKE: The gales of uncertainty …

MARK: Shaking hands with the unknown!

LUKE: He who can revise will survive!

MARK: To adjust is a must!

LUKE: And that!

MARK: And that!

LUKE: And that …

BOTH: Is life!


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