Comedy, by Ken Bradbury, 2006

A girl talks to her dolls but mother thinks it is silly. Then, Mom notices something —

Price includes 2 scripts.


8 - 10 minutes

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  • 2 Females

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An excerpt …

 (Libby talks to all of her dolls)

MOM: (offstage) Libby! Who are you talking to?

LIBBY: (to the dolls) That’s Mom. She doesn’t always understand things.

MOM: Libby!

LIBBY: Grownups don’t know much about magic and pretending.

MOM: (entering) Libby, who are you talking to? And why didn’t you answer me?

(the dolls require some tender care)

MOM: Libby, they can clean the whole room if they want. Just get it in gear. The sweeper’s downstairs. You know where to get it.

LIBBY: I can’t leave my dolls alone!

MOM: Okay, I’ll sit right here with your dolls while you go get the cleaning stuff.

LIBBY: Okay, let me explain. George has a cold this morning and you may have to wipe his nose. Molly didn’t sleep well last night and she’s a little grouchy…

MOM: You’re only going to be gone two minutes!

(mom gets a lesson in pretending)

LIBBY: No, but I think you have, Mommy. They all look so sad.

MOM: Sad? All I did was wipe their nose and wipe their tears!

LIBBY: But you have to be gentle, Mommy … like you were with me when I was little.

MOM: I am gentle!

LIBBY: Look, in the first place, George likes to be picked up by his arms. How would you like it if somebody picked you up by your head?

MOM: Oh. Sorry.


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