Musical comedy, by Ken Bradbury and Roger Wainwright, 2011

In the life of Alex, friends show him how to use imagination. The price includes the instrumental sound track CD. Two sample vocal cuts are included to assist with the rehearsals. Price also includes a master script so you can make as many copies as you need. Per performance royalty is $25.


20 - 25 minutes

    Cast Options

  • 10 Characters

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An excerpt …

Sound Track #2: Baby Cry

MICHAEL: He was a happy baby!

ALEX: Oh, I am so happy!

CAMERON: He was a sweet baby!

ALEX: Look at this face! Just look at this face!

LEIGHANNE: And before he knew it, he was beginning to walk!

RANDOLPH: (Alex is on his knees and they encourage him as he begins taking hesitant steps to them. The rest of the cast cheers him on) Come on, honey! That’s my big boy!

EVERLY: That’s my boy!

ALL: Yes!

EVERLY: That’s my boy!

ALL: Yes!

ALEX: (turning to the group) Hey! I’m just making conversation, okay? (to Elizabeth) So…like what kind of cool stuff do you have?

ELIZABETH: Cool stuff?

ALEX: Yeah. Like cell phone or computer games or…


ALEX: Huh?

ELIZABETH: I’ve got me.

ALEX: That’s it?

ELIZABETH: I don’t have the money for all those things…

ALEX: Oh. Sorry.

ELIZABETH: Don’t be. Last week I went to Paris.

ALEX: Paris? Wow!

ELIZABETH: And yesterday I visited London and New York and Mexico City and…

ALEX: You’re kidding!

ELIZABETH: And last night…Oh Alex, last night you wouldn’t believe where I traveled last night…!

ALEX: Where?

ELIZABETH: I stood on top of the moon and let the stars dance all over my toes and then I put my hands above my head...and I slid down the moonbeam right to the bottom of the sea!

ALEX: (stands there a moment, first awed, then confused, then leery...finally) I think you’re loony. I gotta go. (he begins to leave)

ELIZABETH: (running to jump in front of him and block his exit) And then I flew straight up to the sky and looked behind a beautiful pink cloud and rode on a horse made of pure gold!

ALEX: (a beat, then) Are you on medication?

ELIZABETH: (laughs) You’re cute.

ALEX: (turning to the others, smiling and shrugging) See! I told ya!

ELIZABETH: You ever hold a rainbow in your arms?

CAMERON: (running up to Alex) Hey, Alex! Come on! English class!

ALEX: Oh heck. We got a story due today! Can I borrow yours?


LEIGHANNE: (running up to Alex) Come on, Alex! The meeting’s starting! Did you come up with an idea for the school party?

ALEX: Oh heck. I forgot. You got an idea I can use?


RANDOLPH: (running up to Alex) Hey, Alex! Whatta you want to be when you grow up?

ALEX: Uh…do I have to decide right now?

RANDOLPH: Of course! You’re in fourth grade! Come on, man!


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